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Self-service pet wash • Salon-style grooming • Food, treats & grooming supplies

Wash your pets without the stress, take 'em home & leave the mess!



What we do...

Scrubby Puppy is a place where you can wash your dog easily and quickly and leave the cleanup to us!!

Save your back & knees!!

Every station is equipped with a raised tub, spray nozzle with warm water.

We supply everything you need--hypoallergenic shampoo, brushes, combs, towels, an apron and a blow dryer!!  Our helpful staff will talk you through the whole process to wash your dog safely and efficiently.

We also carry specialty shampoos (oatmeal, flea/tick, whitening, blackening-smells wonderful) and conditioning rinse for a little extra pampering. Of course, you are always welcome to bring your own shampoo and grooming tools.


No appointment needed for self-service wash!!
Just walk in when it's convenient for you, and we will set you up.

** Last wash 45 minutes before closing (or as much time as you need to give yourself to be completely done BEFORE 6pm (or 5pm on Sundays)

We also offer salon-style professional grooming! Click here for more info...

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